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Welcome to the BCD Members Site. Members can register their details, and after validation may login to gain access to member-only content.

There are subtitled demonstration videos on signing up to this Members-only area in this page covering:

  • Registration
  • Logging in
  • the Magazine Gallery
  • the Magazine Viewer

Make sure you have subtitles on if viewing these videos on a mobile or tablet.

The BCD which is a club for all puzzle enthusiasts, whether they do puzzles simply for pleasure or for research. We are based in the UK, but have a worldwide membership. The club was founded in 1985, when a small group of jigsaw puzzle lovers met for an enjoyable evening, doing puzzles together and sharing information about them. They decided to create a club for fellow enthusiasts.

If you are not a BCD member yet and would like more details on joining, please browse our public site or jump straight to our joining page.


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